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TransCanada submitted its application to build the proposed KXL pipeline to the Nebraska Public Service Commission.

ACTION: Send a comment to the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) to tell them you SUPPORT the KXL pipeline.

In your comment, let the commissioners know why you support the KXL pipeline, and urge the PSC to approve TransCanada’s permit application. Here are some facts to consider:

  • KXL will bring thousands of good jobs and millions of dollars in economic opportunities to Nebraska.
  • KXL will strengthen the United States’ energy security.
  • Project reviews by the NDEQ and other state and federal regulators, has been thorough, public and encompassing, and has yielded extraordinarily positive results. It is time to move the project forward.

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Contacting the NE PSC

Please consider sharing your opinion about this project with the Public Service Commission. Comments can be by a phone call, an informal e-mail, or a hand-written letter. Your comments can be sent to the PSC at their office:

Nebraska Public Service Commission 
1200 N Street, Suite 300 
Lincoln, NE 68508

Address your letter to all five Nebraska Public Service Commission Members:

  • Frank Landis: District 1
  • Crystal Rhoades: District 2 (Omaha)
  • Tim Schram: District 3
  • Rod Johnson: District 4
  • Mary Ridder: District 5

Thank you for supporting the proposed KXL project!
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